Maintenance, Simplified

As a Customer

Schedule a service appointment directly through the Volvo Valet app and have your vehicle picked up from your house, office, or another location of your choosing with the option to have a loaner delivered so you never miss a beat. 


App-based notifications give you live status updates throughout the entire process, and when your vehicle is ready to be returned, you can schedule delivery through the Volvo Valet app. 



Very convenient, turned something that is normally a hassle into a very easy experience with minimal disruption to my day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the service is available at my local dealership?

The best way to know is by giving them a call. If they do not yet have the Volvo Valet, let them know you would be interested.

Does the pickup and delivery service cost money?

Please check with your local dealer to verify.

Can I book the service without a loaner or drop the car off myself?

 We enable dealers to be flexible through the software but it is best to check with your local dealer to verify.

Are the drivers valeting my vehicle insured?

They are not only insured but also go through a sequence of photos with you to document the state of your vehicle upon pickup and delivery.

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