Convenience, Delivered

New avenue for retaining customer loyalty with higher service satisfaction scores and greater customer convenience

A Digitally Enabled Experience

Customer App

Allows customers to schedule a service in under a minute and receive progress updates on the day of pickup and delivery.

Driver App

Guides drivers step-by-step through the pickup and delivery process ensuring a consistent, customer focused experience.

Web Dashboard

Interface for dealerships to monitor and manage operations in real-time, ensuring great customer experiences.

Providing Value for Operations of All Shapes & Sizes  

Considering P&D

Our software makes it easy to provide an amazing customer experience starting day one. It scales with your needs and we offer expert guidance along the way.  

Running P&D

Simplify management of your existing service while improving the customer experience through easy to use software. Meet the distinct needs of your dealership through our highly configurable platform.

Onboarding Process

We provide you the guidance to ensure your operation is a success from the start.

Kickoff call (optional) 

Short call where we explain the offering and answer any questions. If you know you want to move forward, you can proceed immediately to the questionnaire.


You answer a few questions to help us tailor the software for your dealership.

Digital training and account access

Your team completes the product training hosted in VCPA. We also provide your service manager credentials to Volvo Valet to get rolling. 

Follow up call 

Once your team has completed training, we answer any open questions and review best practices. Most dealerships feel comfortable offering Volvo Valet at the conclusion of this call.



We are getting rave reviews from our customers. They love it. We make potential pain points painless.

Dealer - Courtesy Volvo 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Volvo Valet?

We view the dealers on our network as partners and, as such, we are committed to helping you succeed. We help coach you through the entire process to make sure your implementation is a success.

How long does it take to go through the onboarding process?

The onboarding process is incredibly simple. It typically takes a few weeks from initial conversation to launch. We offer both digital and onsite training packages. Please be advised that requesting onsite training may add time depending on availability. 

What makes an implementation successful?

We have seen dealers with a range of backgrounds be successful. That said, the ability to allocate loaners and drivers is key. We have seen the best approach is to start slow and ramp up the service as you build experience. 

Are there other ways for customers to book a service?

You can also offer the service to customers over the phone when they call to schedule a regular appointment. We have seen this as a great way to delight customers.

Do we offer labor in addition to the software?

We think you as the dealer are in the best position to manage your labor so we stick to software. Moreover, most of the dealerships we work with utilize existing staff.

Do you charge for the software platform?

We do not charge a platform fee for our software.

Questions? Contact us today, our team is always ready to help.

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